Photo contest/Summer ‘2016


Rules of the game.

1st stage/From this moment till 16th August.

For application and participation you need:

— Within the specified deadlines you should choose an interesting, in your opinion, stadium. This may be an old and abandoned stadium or new state-of-the-art arena, doesn’t matter.

— Then you should go there with a camera in your hand and make photos. Pay attention not only to panoramic views, but also to details.

— Choose 15 (may be less, but not more) pictures which seem most successful to you and submit their originals via email: In the “subject” line you should indicate the name of the stadium, city and country; in the “comments” line write your name or nick-name.

Please note that editing of the photos with Photoshop or any similar program is prohibited. It is also pertinent that the photos should be made not early than from 1 June 2016.

The submitted applications will be classified into groups. Their number and the number of the participants depend on the number of the received applications.

The submitted photo essays will by published on 17 August.

— On 17th August we will finish studying your projects and share them on our web-site. Only the participants can vote, i.e. you can choose top 3 works in each group. Rate the projects which fully reflect the atmosphere of the stadium in following way: 6 points for the 1st place, 4 points – 2nd place, 3 points – 3rd place. You cannot vote for the projects in your group.

Voting lasts for one week. At the end we will declare the participants of the play-off. Two participants from each group will qualify for the next stage. In case 2 participants (2nd and 3rd place) get equal points, both will qualify.

Note: It is not allowed to attach to your projects any pictures or comments about the stadium until the voting is finished. After the voting the same is highly welcomed!

2nd stage/From 23rd August till 6th September.

At this stage the same scenario is followed, that’s why you should have at least 2 stadiums available. Remember this! In this season there will be two groups at the 2nd stage: “qualified” – those who have qualified for the play-off after the 1st stage, “non-qualified” those who have failed to qualify.

The submitted photo essays will by published on 7 September.

At this stage voting lasts for one week. All (!) the participants without any exceptions can vote, same as at the 1st stage.

The winner of the 2nd round will be declared on 14th September.

We wish everyone good luck, fair play and interesting stadiums.